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List of regions in the human brain



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Brain functions

arousal • attention
consciousness • decision making
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learning • memory
motor coordination • perception
planning • problem solving


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Phineas Gage • Norman Geschwind
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Alexander Luria • Muriel D. Lezak •
Brenda MilnerKarl Pribram
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Bender-Gestalt Test
Benton Visual Retention Test
Clinical Dementia Rating
Continuous Performance Task
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Hayling and Brixton tests
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Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
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Brain (neural tube)

Rhombencephalon (hindbrain)



Mesencephalon (midbrain)

  • tectum
  • mesencephalic duct (cerebral aqueduct, Aqueduct of Sylvius)
  • cerebral peduncle
  • midbrain tegmentum
    • ventral tegmental area
    • Red Nucleus
    • crus cerebri
  • pretectum

Prosencephalon (forebrain)


  • pineal body
  • habenular nuclei
  • stria medullares
  • tenia thalami
third ventricle
  • anterior nuclear group
    • anteroventral nucleus
    • anterodorsal nucleus
    • anteromedial nucleus
  • medial nuclear group
    • medial dorsal nucleus
    • midline nuclear group
    • paratenial nucleus
    • reuniens nucleus
    • rhomboidal nucleus
    • intralaminar nuclear group
    • centromedial nucleus
    • parafascicular nucleus
    • paracentral nucleus
    • central lateral nucleus
    • central medial nucleus
  • lateral nuclear group
    • lateral dorsal nucleus
    • lateral posterior nucleus
    • pulvinar
  • ventral nuclear group
    • ventral anterior nucleus
    • ventral lateral nucleus
    • ventral posterior nucleus
      • Ventral posterior lateral nucleus
      • Ventral posterior medial nucleus
  • metathalamus
  • thalamic reticular nucleus
hypothalamus (limbic system) (HPA axis)
  • Anterior
    • Medial area
    • Lateral area
      • Parts of preoptic area
        • Lateral preoptic nucleus
      • Anterior part of Lateral nucleus
      • Part of supraoptic nucleus
    • Other nuclei of preoptic area
      • median preoptic nucleus
      • periventricular preoptic nucleus
  • Tuberal
    • Medial area
      • Dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus
      • Ventromedial nucleus
      • Arcuate nucleus
    • Lateral area
      • Tuberal part of Lateral nucleus
      • Lateral tuberal nuclei
  • Posterior
    • Medial area
      • Mammillary nuclei (part of mammillary bodies)
      • Posterior nucleus
    • Lateral area
      • Posterior part of Lateral nucleus
  • optic chiasm
  • subfornical organ
  • periventricular nucleus
  • infundibulum
  • tuber cinereum
    • tuberal nucleus
    • tuberomamillary nucleus
  • tuberal region
  • mammillary bodies
  • mammillary nucleus
subthalamus(HPA axis)
pituitary gland (HPA axis)

Telencephalon (cerebrum) Cerebral hemispheres

red:frontal lobe
orange:parietal lobe
yellow:occipital lobe
green: temporal lobe

White matter
Rhinencephalon (paleopallium)
Lateral ventricles
Cerebral cortex (neopallium)

Neural pathways

Cerebrospinal systems

Neuronal systems

Cognitive systems

  • senses and sensory systems
    • olfactory system
      • primary olfactory cortex
    • visual system
    • Auditory system
      • Music and the brain

Volitive systems


Neurocrine systems

Vascular systems

Dural meningeal system


Anatomical regions are listed vertically beneath Brain according to typical hierarchies. Functional, connective and developmental regions are listed horizontally in (italicized subscript).

Functional and connective regions defined as systems are categorized at cerebrospinal systems.

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