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Synthesis Problems? Find Fast and Better Solutions for Organic Transformations

This tool for full-text reviews of organic transformations and experimental procedures helps improve your strategy for the design of new molecules more

Look up Industrial Syntheses of 2,600 APIs

One-stop source of information relating to the industrial synthesis and commercial applications of every licensed drug of significance more

Save expensive reagents and reduce waste with the right reservoir

INTEGRA’s 12 well reagent reservoir is designed to simplify pipetting with small volumes, enabling simultaneous transfer of up to 12 different sam ... more

An eco-friendly tip solution

ECO Racks significantly reduce the amount of plastic used in your lab, and are easily stacked and compressed to take up less space in the recyclin ... more

Increase productivity and performance with electronic pipettes

INTEGRA’s VIAFLO single- and multichannel electronic pipettes can help laboratories to enhance precision and accuracy, improving ergonomics while ... more

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