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High-Pressure Ion Chromatography (HPIC) with Top Resolution at Its Fastest

This new HPIC™ system offers reliable ion analysis with simplicity, stability and versatility. Increase productivity with 4um columns, enabling fa ... more

Most Advanced HPLC Systems with Excellent Retention Time Stability and Precision

Most advanced HPLC and UHPLC systems with excellent retention time stability and precision for reliable and accurate separations to achieve more a ... more

The Starlab Minicentrifuge - ahead of the curve

Intuitive, glove-compatible touch one-hand operation with magnetic lid lock ✓ Quick and easy rotor change without tools ✓ Extensive accessories: 1 ... more

User-Friendly All-in-One-Microscope

Research images made simple✓ Publication-quality images in a few clicks ✓ No dark room and antivibration table necessary more

Full concentration on safety – discover the rotary evaporator complete package now

In addition to the RV 10 auto rotary evaporator, the package includes the heating bath HB digital with its capacity of 4 liters, the VACSTAR digit ... more

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