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New 25 ml Divided Reservoir Offers Lowest Dead Volume on the Market

INTEGRA has expanded its Clear Advantage™ product family to include a divided reservoir, offering 5 and 10 ml volumes side-by-side more

Simplicity in Cell Culture Monitoring

Enables targeted testing with 9 key parameters ✓ Allows to improve workflow through eliminating sample-to-sample delay ✓ Simplifies quality control through ... more

Advanced Cell Culture Analysis, Facilitating Streamlined R&D and Production Processes

Fully automated sampling and analysis for up to 10 bioreactor ✓ High sample troughput enabling analysis of up to 240 samples per day ✓ Walkaway automation f ... more

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Incubator Shaker Catalogue 2020/21 - Innova and New Brunswick models from Eppendorf

Discover the range of incubator shakers offered by Eppendorf available in 2020/21 more

Gigantic Poster for Studying Over 100 Inborn Metabolic Errors and Their Genes

In the online version, all metabolites, enzymes, and selected pathways are searchable and interactive. Disease associations are shown along the side more

Analytical UHPLC, GPC and HPLC Columns, Preparative Columns and Chromatography Media

The free catalogue offers a comprehensive overview of columns and media with a focus on analysis and purification of biomolecules more

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The plant-wide MES reporting and workflow management system

One of the most important prerequisites for the visualization of production processes with Plant Integrate iT is a consistent information management at MES ... more

Simultaneous Laboratory Planning and Production Planning in Addition to SAP ERP or S/4HANA

Reduction of inventories and thus of capital commitment ✓ Improvement of service level and customer satisfaction ✓ Single point of truth: transparency and m ... more

This Lims Adapts to Your Process and Not Vice Versa

Individual Customization and a Timeless Look Facilitate and Improve the Daily Work with the Laboratory System more

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The newsletter keeps you informed about the current events in the fields of biotechnology, life sciences and medicine with news, products, company profiles and technical information.
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Clinical research and forensic handbook

Comprehensive collection of information for clinical/translational/drug monitoring research, forensic testing, and sports antidoping analysis more

Designer Circular RNA as Protein Sponge for Cancer Therapy

The new circular RNA enables specific binding and inhibition of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein L in cells and thus opens new therapeutic more

Perform the full quality control of expression systems by using one handheld device – the fluidl ...

Easy setting of standard parameters in screening experiments and direct use in production without further method transfer step more

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Drying and Protective Coating for Bacteria and Other Fermentation Products: Alternative Process ...

Drying fermentation products to dust-free granules in one step ✓ Enteric coatings for lactobacilli to improve protection and increase bioavailability and de ... more

Specialists in the rental and leasing of scientific equipment for laboratories throughout Europe

Through our 10 years of experience as a distributor of analytical instruments, accessories and consumables and 25 years of experience in financing, we have ... more

Take Advantage of AR2i's Analytical Knowledge and Unique Expertise

Our GMP-certified pharmaceutical lab analyzes raw material and finished product purity, develops analytical methods and performs stability studies more

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