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Inferior temporal gyrus

Brain: Inferior temporal gyrus
Lateral surface of left cerebral hemisphere, viewed from the side. (Inferior temporal gyrus visible near bottom.)
Drawing of a cast to illustrate the relations of the brain to the skull. (Inferior temporal gyrus labeled at center, in yellow section.)
Latin gyrus temporalis inferior
Gray's subject #189 824
Part of Temporal lobe
Artery Posterior cerebral
NeuroNames hier-120
Dorlands/Elsevier g_13/12405536

The inferior temporal gyrus is placed below the middle temporal sulcus, and is connected behind with the inferior occipital gyrus; it also extends around the infero-lateral border on to the inferior surface of the temporal lobe, where it is limited by the inferior sulcus. This region is one of the higher levels of the ventral stream of visual processing, associated with the representation of complex object features, such as global shape. It may also be involved in face perception.

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