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Superior temporal gyrus

Brain: Superior temporal gyrus
Superior temporal gyrus of the human brain.
Drawing of a cast to illustrate the relations of the brain to the skull. (Superior temporal gyrus labeled at center, in green section.)
Latin gyrus temporalis superior
Part of Temporal lobe
Artery middle cerebral
NeuroNames hier-118
Dorlands/Elsevier g_13/12405546

The superior temporal gyrus is one of three (sometimes two) gyri in the temporal lobe of the human brain.

A gyrus (plural gyri) is a bump or ridge on the surface of the brain.

The superior temporal gyrus is bounded by:

  • the lateral sulcus above;
  • the superior temporal sulcus (not always present or visible) below;
  • an imaginary line drawn from the preoccipital notch to the lateral sulcus posteriorly.

The superior temporal gyrus contains several important structures of the brain, including:

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