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Livedoid vasculitis

Livedoid vasculitis
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ICD-10 L95.0
ICD-9 xxx
DiseasesDB 7546
MedlinePlus 001478
eMedicine derm/39 

Livedoid vasculitis (also known as "livedo vasculitis", livedo reticularis, and "livedoid vasculopathy") is a vascular disorder mostly affecting women. It may be aggravated by exposure to cold and occurs most often in the lower extremities. It can also be associated with the presence of anti-cardiolipin antibodies (the Antiphospholipid syndrome).

The condition's name derives from the Latin livere meaning bluish.


A number of conditions may cause the appearance of livedo reticularis:


Other than identifying and treating any underlying conditions in secondary livedo,[9] idiopathic livedo reticularis itself may improve with warming the legs, but once established the skin discolouration may become permanent.

  • DermNet vascular/livedo-vascularis

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