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Nodular fasciitis

Nodular fasciitis
Classification & external resources
ICD-10 M72.4
ICD-9 728.79

Nodular fasciitis is a benign lesion most commonly found in the superficial fascia, also known as pseudosarcomatous fasciitis. Most common in young persons on the upper extremities and trunk. Commonly mistaken for a sarcoma.

Etiology and Clinical Course

Similar to a dermatofibroma, it is believed to be a reparative process secondary to trauma, which is frequently not remembered. Evolves rapidly, but is usually less than 3cm in diameter. There is an extremely low incidence of recurrence after resection.


Histologically vast array of patterns.
Short S-shaped fascicles, inflammation, accelerated mitotic index with normal mitoses.
Essentially Spindle Cell Proliferation.
Stroma is rich in collagen and/or myxoid ground substance.

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