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ICD-10 A79.1
ICD-9 083.2
DiseasesDB 32057
eMedicine med/2035 
MeSH D012288

Rickettsialpox is an illness caused by bacteria found in the Rickettsia family (Rickettsia akari). The bacteria is originally found in mice and cause mites feeding on the mice to become infected. Humans will get rickettsialpox when receiving a bite from an infected mite, not from the mice themselves.

The first symptom is a bump formed by the bite, eventually resulting in a black, crusty scab. Many of the symptoms are flu-like including fever, chills, weakness and achy muscles but the most distinctive symptom is the rash that breaks out, spanning the infected person's entire body.

Rickettsialpox is generally mild and there are no known deaths resulting from the disease.

Those dwelling in urban areas (which typically experience rodent problems) have a higher risk of contracting Rickettsialpox.


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