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Lymphomatoid granulomatosis

Lymphomatoid granulomatosis
Classification & external resources
ICD-O: 9766/1
DiseasesDB 33208
eMedicine med/1369 
MeSH D008230

Lymphomatoid granulomatosis is a neoplastic disease.

It is a lymphoproliferative disorder (lymphomatoid means lymphoma-like). The word granulomatosis denotes one of its microscopic character, polymorphic lymphoid infiltrates and focal necrosis within it.

It usually involves lung, skin, and central nervous system.


There is no known cure.

There currently is a protocol being run by Dr. Wyndham H. Wilson at the NIH[1] which has had extraordinary results in which a significant percentage of participants see extended remission periods.

The experimental treatment involves the use of interferons to re-set the immune system.

Not always successful, this treatment is however available to anyone with an LYG diagnosis at no charge (courtesy of the NIH)


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