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List of enzymes

This article is a list of enzymes, sorted by their respective sub-categories and EC number.

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Category:Oxidoreductases (EC 1) (Oxidoreductase)

Category:EC 1.1 (act on the CH-OH group of donors)

Category:EC 1.2 (act on the aldehyde or oxo group of donors)

Category:EC 1.3 (act on the CH-CH group of donors)

Category:EC 1.4 (act on the CH-NH2 group of donors)

Category:EC 1.5 (act on CH-NH group of donors)

Category:EC 1.6 (act on NADH or NADPH)

Category:EC 1.7 (act on other nitrogenous compounds as donors)

Category:EC 1.8 (act on a sulfur group of donors)

Category:EC 1.9 (act on a heme group of donors)

Category:EC 1.97

Category:EC 1.10 (act on diphenols and related substances as donors)

Category:EC 1.11 (act on peroxide as an acceptor -- peroxidases)

Category:EC 1.12 (act on hydrogen as a donor)

Category:EC 1.13 (act on single donors with incorporation of molecular oxygen)

  • Category:EC 1.13.11 (With incorporation of two atoms of oxygen)
    • 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (EC
  • Category:EC 1.13.12 (With incorporation of one atom of oxygen (internal monooxygenases or internal mixed function oxidases))
    • Renilla luciferase EC
    • Cypridina luciferase EC
    • Firefly luciferase EC
    • Watasenia luciferase EC
    • Oplophorus luciferase EC

Category:EC 1.14 (act on paired donors with incorporation of molecular oxygen)

Category:EC 1.15 (act on superoxide radicals as acceptors)

Category:EC 1.16 (oxidize metal ions)

Category:EC 1.17 (act on CH or CH2 groups)

Category:EC 1.18 (act on iron-sulfur proteins as donors)

(act on reduced flavodoxin as donor)

(act on phosphorus or arsenic as donors)

Category:EC 1.21 (act on X-H and Y-H to form an X-Y bond)

Category:EC 1.97 (other oxidoreductases)

Category:Transferases (EC 2) (Transferase)

Category:EC 2.1 (transfer one-carbon groups, Methylase)

(transfer aldehyde or ketone groups)

Category:EC 2.3 (acyltransferases)

Category:EC 2.4 (glycosyltransferases)

Category:EC 2.5

Category:EC 2.5 (transfer alkyl or aryl groups, other than methyl groups)

Category:EC 2.6 (transfer nitrogenous groups)

Category:EC 2.8 (transfer sulfur-containing groups)

(transfer selenium-containing groups)

Category:Hydrolases (EC 3) (Hydrolase)

Category:EC 3.1 (act on ester bonds)

Category:EC 3.2 (act on sugars - glycosylases)

Category:EC 3.3 (act on ether bonds)

Category:EC 3.4 (act on peptide bonds - Peptidase)

Category:EC 3.5 (act on carbon-nitrogen bonds, other than peptide bonds)

Category:EC 3.6 (act on acid anhydrides)

Category:EC 3.7 (act on carbon-carbon bonds)

  • Kynureninase EC

Category:EC 3.8 (act on halide bonds)

(act on phosphorus-nitrogen bonds)

(act on sulfur-nitrogen bonds)

Category:EC 3.11 (act on carbon-phosphorus bonds)

(act on sulfur-sulfur bonds)

(act on carbon-sulfur bonds)

Category:Lyases (EC 4) (Lyase)

Category:EC 4.1 (carbon-carbon lyases)

  • Category:EC 4.1.1
    • Ornithine decarboxylase (EC
    • Uridine monophosphate synthetase (EC
    • Aromatic-L-amino-acid decarboxylase (EC
    • RubisCO (EC

Category:EC 4.2 (carbon-oxygen lyases)

Category:EC 4.3 (carbon-nitrogen lyases)

Category:EC 4.4 (carbon-sulfur lyases)

Category:EC 4.5 (carbon-halide lyases)

Category:EC 4.6 (phosphorus-oxygen lyases)

Category:Isomerases (EC 5) (Isomerase)

Category:EC 5.1 (racemases and epimerases)

Category:EC 5.2 (cis-trans-isomerases)

Category:EC 5.3 (intramolecular oxidoreductases)

Category:EC 5.4 (intramolecular transferases -- mutases)

(intramolecular lyases)

Category:EC 5.99 (other isomerases)

Category:Ligases (EC 6) (Ligase)

Category:EC 6.1 (form carbon-oxygen bonds)

Category:EC 6.2 (form carbon-sulfur bonds)

Category:EC 6.3 (form carbon-nitrogen bonds)

Category:EC 6.4 (form carbon-carbon bonds)

Category:EC 6.5 (form phosphoric ester bonds)

DNA ligase (EC

Category:EC 6.6 (form nitrogen-metal bonds)

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