02-Jan-2020 - Sartorius AG

Sartorius and the German Research Center for Artificial intelligence launch joint research laboratory

Sartorius-AI-Lab (SAIL) is conducting research into the use of artificial intelligence in Sartorius platform solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry

Sartorius and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) have established the Sartorius-AI-Lab (SAIL) research laboratory. On the campus of the DFKI in Kaiserslautern, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Sartorius product and platform solutions is being experimentally tested and further developed in the SAIL.

"Modern methods of data analysis are only used to a very limited extent in the biopharmaceutical industry, in drug research and also in production. This is one of the reasons for ever longer development times and rising costs for drugs. A better use of data by CI is a particularly promising approach to make significant progress in this area. In our Data Analytics division, we have been offering powerful software for specific applications in biopharmaceutical production for two and a half years, which is already being used by many customers. We want to vigorously expand this activity and are therefore delighted to have found DFKI, one of the most important international centres of excellence for AI and Deep Learning, with more than 1,000 scientists as a strong partner to develop such solutions," said CEO Dr. Joachim Kreuzburg.

The SAIL is located in the DFKI research area Smart Data & Knowledge Services under the direction of Prof. Andreas Dengel and uses the DFKI's deep learning hardware and competence, which is unique in Europe. As a protected data room and independent data laboratory, the SAIL is also open to Sartorius partners and customers as part of cooperation agreements, and the first projects have already been initiated. In addition, it will be used by Sartorius and DFKI for training purposes, and DFKI employees will also be able to further their education in life science applications at Sartorius' research sites.

Among other things, Sartorius and DFKI intend to develop and apply machine learning and image and pattern recognition processes for life science applications. For example, the researchers are working on new deep learning algorithms and methods for image recognition of cells and organoids, for the analysis and modelling of biological systems and for the simulation and optimisation of biopharmaceutical production processes. Sartorius provides extensive data for this purpose and sends specialists from the areas of corporate research and product development to SAIL.

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