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  • analytica presents biotechnology highlights

    From molecular-biology techniques to forensic DNA analysis: from April 17 – 20 analytica features in-depth information about the latest methods and techniques in laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology. One of the five halls, hall A3, is devoted entirely to the biotech industry. The topic more

  • Revealing the metabolic activity of microbial communities

    Microbial communities are performing important functions all around us – from the earth in our flowerpots to the human gut. Now researchers have developed a method for studying the metabolic functions of microbial communities in detail. It is now possible for the first time, thanks to a new algorith more

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Centre for Forensic Medicine

Centre for Forensic Medicine The Centre for Forensic Medicine, formerly known as the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Institute of Science and Forensic Medicine (ISFM), is one of the seven centres within the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) ... more


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