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External iliac vein

Vein: External iliac vein
Veins of the abdomen and lower limb - inferior vena cava, common iliac vein, external iliac vein, internal iliac vein, femoral vein and their tributaries. The aorta and its bifurcation (unlabeled) appear in red.
The relations of the femoral and abdominal inguinal rings, seen from within the abdomen. Right side. (External iliac vein is large vein at center.)
Latin vena iliaca externa
Gray's subject #173 672
Source femoral veins
Drains to common iliac vein
Artery external iliac arteries
Dorlands/Elsevier v_05/12850548

The external iliac veins are large veins that connect the femoral veins to the common iliac veins. Their origin is at the inferior margin of the inguinal ligaments and they terminate when they join the internal iliac veins (to form the common iliac veins).

Both external iliac veins are accompanied along their course by external iliac arteries.

Significant tributaries of the external iliac vein

The inferior epigastric veins drain into the external iliac veins.

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