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Arterial tree

In anatomy, arterial tree is used to refer to all arteries and/or the branching pattern of the arteries. This article regards the human arterial tree. Starting from the aorta:


Ascending aorta

(Branches to right coronary artery and left coronary artery. Click link for more info)

right coronary artery

left coronary artery

anterior interventricular



Left marginal arteries
posterolateral artery

ramus intermedius (sometimes)

Arch of aorta

brachiocephalic artery

common carotid artery (directly from arch of aorta on left)

internal carotid artery
  • ophthalmic artery
    • Orbital group
      • Lacrimal artery
        • lateral palpebral arteries
        • zygomatic branches
        • recurrent branch
      • Supraorbital artery
        • superficial branch
        • deep branch
      • Posterior ethmoidal artery
        • meningeal branch
        • nasal branches
      • Anterior ethmoidal artery
        • anterior meningeal artery
        • nasal branches
      • Medial palpebral arteries
        • superior palpebral arch
        • inferior palpebral arch
      • Supratrochlear artery
      • Dorsal nasal artery
        • twig to the upper part of lacrimal sac
        • to root of nose
        • dorsum of nose
    • Ocular group
      • Long posterior ciliary arteries
        • circulus arteriosus major
        • circulus arteriosus minor
      • Short posterior ciliary arteries
      • Anterior ciliary artery
      • Central retinal artery
      • Muscular artery
  • anterior cerebral artery
  • middle cerebral artery
    • anterolateral central arteries
      • internal striate
      • external striate
  • posterior communicating artery
external carotid artery
  • Arising in carotid triangle[1]
    • Superior thyroid artery
      • Hyoid (infrahyoid) artery
      • Sternocleidomastoid artery
      • Superior laryngeal artery
      • Cricothyroid artery
    • Ascending pharyngeal artery
    • Lingual artery
    • Facial artery
      • cervical
        • Ascending palatine artery
        • Tonsillar branch
        • Submental artery
          • superficial branch
          • deep branch
        • Glandular branches
      • facial
        • Inferior labial artery
        • Superior labial artery
        • Lateral nasal branch
        • Angular artery - the terminal branch
    • Occipital artery
  • Posterior auricular artery
  • Terminal branches
    • Maxillary artery
      • First portion
        • Deep auricular artery
        • Anterior tympanic artery
        • Middle meningeal artery
          • anterior and posterior
            • ophthalmic artery (very rarely)
            • superior tympanic artery
            • vessels to semilunar ganglion
            • superficial petrosal branch
            • superior tympanic artery
            • Orbital branches
            • Temporal branches
        • Inferior alveolar artery
          • incisor branch
          • mental branch
          • lingual branch
          • mylohyoid branch
        • Accessory meningeal artery
      • Second portion
        • Masseteric artery
        • Pterygoid branches
        • Deep temporal arteries (anterior and posterior)
        • Buccal artery
      • Third portion
        • Sphenopalatine artery, terminal branch
          • posterior lateral nasal branches
          • posterior septal branches
        • Descending palatine artery
          • greater palatine artery
          • lesser palatine arteries
        • Infraorbital artery
          • orbital branches
          • anterior superior alveolar arteries
        • Posterior superior alveolar artery
        • branches to alveolar canals
        • branches to gingiva
        • Pharyngeal artery
        • Artery of pterygoid canal
    • Superficial temporal artery
      • Transverse facial artery
      • Middle temporal artery
      • Anterior auricular branch
      • frontal branch
      • parietal branch

subclavian artery (directly from arch of aorta on left)

vertebral artery
  • Meningeal branches of vertebral artery
  • Posterior spinal artery
  • ascending branch
  • descending branch
  • Anterior spinal artery
  • Posterior inferior cerebellar artery
    • medial branch
    • lateral branch
  • Basilar artery
    • Anterior inferior cerebellar artery
    • pontine branches
internal thoracic artery
  • Mediastinal branches
  • Thymic branches
  • Pericardiophrenic artery
  • Sternal branches
  • Perforating branches
  • Twelve anterior intercostal branches
    • upper branches
    • lower branches of the space anastomoses
  • Musculophrenic artery
  • Superior epigastric artery
thyrocervical trunk
  • inferior thyroid artery
  • suprascapular artery
  • transverse cervical artery
    • Superficial branch
    • Deep branch/Dorsal scapular artery (sometimes)
Deep cervical artery (sometimes)
  • costocervical trunk
  • Deep cervical artery
  • Supreme intercostal artery
dorsal scapular artery (mostly)
brachial artery
  • Profunda brachii artery
    • radial collateral artery
    • medial collateral artery
    • branches to the deltoid muscle
  • Superior ulnar collateral artery
    • Posterior ulnar recurrent artery
  • Inferior ulnar collateral artery
    • Ascending branches
    • Descending branches
  • radial artery
    • radial branches in the forearm
    • Radial recurrent artery
    • Palmar carpal branch of radial artery
    • Superficial palmar branch of the radial artery
    • radial branches at the wrist
    • Dorsal carpal branch of radial artery
    • First dorsal metacarpal artery
    • radial branches in the hand
    • Princeps pollicis artery
    • Radialis indicis
    • Deep palmar arch
  • ulnar artery
    • anterior ulnar recurrent artery
    • posterior ulnar recurrent artery
    • common interosseous artery
    • posterior interosseous artery
      • interosseous recurrent artery
    • anterior interosseous artery
      • muscular branches
      • nutrient arteries of radius and ulna
      • branch to volar carpal network
    • muscular artery
    • volar carpal
    • palmar carpal arch
    • dorsal carpal
    • dorsal carpal arch
    • deep volar
    • superficial volar arch

Thoracic aorta

  • bronchial arteries
  • esophageal arteries
  • posterior intercostal arteries

Abdominal aorta

inferior phrenic


superior mesenteric

middle suprarenal


Anterior and posterior

interlobar artery
  • arcuate artery
    • interlobular artery
      • afferent arteriole
        • efferent arteriole
          • descending vasa recta
          • peritubular capillaries



inferior mesenteric

median sacral

common iliac

common iliac arteries

internal iliac artery

Anterior division

obturator artery
superior vesical artery
Vaginal artery (females) / inferior vesical artery (males)
middle rectal artery
internal pudendal artery
inferior gluteal artery
  • Accompanying artery of ischiadic nerve
Uterine artery (females) / deferential artery (males)
  • Vaginal artery (sometimes)
(obliterated) umbilical artery

Posterior division

iliolumbar artery
  • Lumbar branch
  • Iliac branch
lateral sacral artery
  • Superior
  • Inferior
superior gluteal artery
  • Superficial branch
  • Deep branch

external iliac artery

Inferior epigastric artery

Deep circumflex iliac artery

femoral artery

superficial epigastric artery
Superficial circumflex iliac artery
Superficial external pudendal artery
Deep external pudendal artery
Deep femoral artery
  • Lateral femoral circumflex artery
    • ascending branch
    • descending branch
    • transverse branch
  • Medial femoral circumflex artery
    • ascending branch
    • descending branch
      • superficial branch
      • deep branch
      • acetabular branch
  • Perforating arteries
    • first perforating artery
    • second perforating artery
    • third/fourth perforating artery
Descending genicular artery
  • Saphenous branch
  • Musculo-articular branch

Popliteal artery

anterior tibial artery
posterior tibial artery
  • fibular artery (sometimes from popliteal artery)
    • communicating branch to the anterior tibial artery
    • perforating branch to the posterior tibial artery
  • medial plantar artery
  • lateral plantar artery
sural artery
medial superior genicular artery
  • Branch to vastus medialis
  • Branch to surface of the femur and the knee-joint
lateral superior genicular artery
  • superficial branch
  • deep branch
middle genicular artery
Inferior lateral genicular artery
Inferior medial genicular artery
  • branch to popliteus

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  • Family tree of major arteries
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