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Common hepatic artery

Artery: Common hepatic artery
Branches of the celiac artery - stomach in situ. (Hepatic artery is visible at upper left.)
Latin arteria hepatica communis
Gray's subject #154 603
Source celiac artery
Branches hepatic artery proper
right gastric artery
gastroduodenal artery
Dorlands/Elsevier a_61/12154478

In anatomy, the common hepatic artery is a short blood vessel that supplies oxygenated blood to the liver, pylorus (a part of the stomach), duodenum (a part of the small intestine) and pancreas.

It arises from the celiac artery and has the following branches:

Branch Details
hepatic artery proper supplies gallbladder via the cystic artery and the liver via the left and right hepatic arteries
right gastric artery supplies stomach, joining with left gastric artery
gastroduodenal artery branches into right gastro-omental artery and superior pancreaticoduodenal artery

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