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The Covid-19 antibody test challenge


Immunity testing against Covid-19 without false-positives is possible using the right combi-nation of optimized solutions for ELISA protocol.


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Now ready - Easy Bispecific Antibody Evaluation

Analyze specific binding of bsAbs in addition to IgG titer in a single high-throughput assay


The AppNote shows an easy method for bsAb evaluation. Utilizing Protein A and HIS1K biosensors to identify conditions quickly that are suitable for qu


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Life Science Toolbox for UV/VIS Spectroscopy

UV/VIS Life Science Applications in a Nutshell


UV/VIS Spectrophotometry has become a standard method used on a daily basis in many life science laboratories


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Streamlining Affinity Analysis for Accelerated Biologics Development and Production

High-throughput and assay versatility for rapid development and qualification of biopharmaceuticals


ForteBio offers the true microfluidic-free alternative to SPR for high-throughput, label-free quantitation and kinetic characterization of biologics


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Miniaturization and Improved Throughput of the BCA Concentration Determination Method


Popular absorption assays are difficult to miniaturize. Learn how the fluorescence of a white plate helps to measure it in 10 µl


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Automation of the Bioo MaxSignal Aflatoxin M1 ELISA Test Kit

The Crocodile ELISA miniWorkstation reduces labour and provides excellent results


The Crocodile ELISA miniWorkstation provides a convenient and easy-to-use method to automate the Bioo MaxSignal® Aflatoxin M1 ELISA Test


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Screening of GPCR-antagonists using the calcium mobilisation assay

Accurate and reliable characterization of potential antagonists for pharmacological studies


Three compounds were screened for P2Y2 receptor inhibition on a TriStar² microplate reader. Reliable and consistent results were obtained.


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Nanobret ™ -Based Assay for Internalization of cxcr4

Read how GPCRs are studied at endogenous expression levels by employing CRISPR/Cas9.


CRISPR/Cas9 genome-edited cells express nanoBRET-donor that monitors protein interaction and trafficking


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Semi-Automated Pipetting

Higher Accuracy, Greater Flexibility


BenchSmart 96 is a semi-automated manual pipetting system with electronic functionality for 96- and 384-well plate assays


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Improving Quantitative ELISA Data

Utilizing the Benefits of the Liquidator 96 Pipetting System


Liquidator 96 delivers both speed and high data quality to ELISA and other assays


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