Medicines for Malaria Venture, Genzyme Corporation and the Broad Institute Expand Collaboration to Discover New Malaria Drugs


Medicines for malaria Venture (MMV), Genzyme Corp., and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard announced that they have expanded their collaboration to discover and advance new therapeutic candidates for malaria. The alliance will build on work begun earlier this year and will enable the expansion of a drug discovery program focused on identifying compounds that may offer a completely new approach to treating malaria.

In addition to co-funding and co-managing this effort with Genzyme and the Broad Institute, MMV will also work with the two partners to secure additional resources to scale-up the program further. Currently, there are four early discovery projects in this portfolio. All intellectual property developed under this collaboration will be made available to MMV on a royalty free basis for use in developing and distributing new drugs for the treatment of malaria.

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