VWR International, IBM, and VizX Labs Team Up in Novel Life Science Offering

World's Largest Distributor of Life Science Supplies Chooses GeneSifter for Pioneering Program With IT Giant


Seattle. VizX Labs, VWR International, and IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences today announced the VWR In Silico Program, a novel bundling of the latest technologies designed for cutting-edge research in life science laboratories. Under the program, beginning this month, VWR will promote the offering, which includes IBM computers, VizX Labs' GeneSifter software system, and other products.

"Our objective is to create a unique, valuable offering for life scientists," said Edward Sapp, VWR Director of Life Sciences. "By bundling IBM computers and select software offerings such as VizX Labs' GeneSifter, we provide superior value for our customers. For example, it can be difficult enough for scientists to gather good data from microarrays, let alone evaluate analysis software. Our technical staff concluded that GeneSifter's intuitive, accessible system solves problems researchers encounter applying this new technology, as it helps them understand the biology behind their results. That's the purpose of this offering -- to leverage our expertise to help our customers stay focused on their science, not software acquisition and integration."

IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences Channel Sales Leader Mike McGuire noted, "We are pleased to be able to work with VWR and VizX Labs on this offering for life scientists. It's a great example of how our On Demand Business solutions accelerate the discovery process."

Under the program, VWR International will offer VizX Labs' microarray data analysis system and other products with exclusive pricing and other benefits. "We know that when scientists try our system with their own data, they love it, they buy it, and they continue to use it," says VizX Labs CEO Tom Ranken. "We are delighted to see IBM and VWR customers benefit from the leadership these two companies have shown in launching this cutting-edge program."

GeneSifter is the accessible, Web-based microarray data analysis system that helps researchers understand the biology underlying gene expression patterns as it helps them determine their data's statistical and biological significance.

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