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stimOS: Constance-based Start-Up Company gains HTGF and MBG as investors


German HTGF acts as seed investor at stimOS GmbH located in Constance: Together with MBG, Baden-Württemberg (MBG), the seed stage investor provides 720,000 euros for further development and approval of stimOS’ patented Mimicking Bone Technology (MBT). To ensure best possible recovery for the patient and achieve a pain-free life after surgery, stimOS GmbH has developed a unique biochemical procedure that initiates early and healthy bone formation, anti-inflammatory activity, and faster healing process. Implants remain firmly anchored even in osteoporotic bone.

The company’s mission is to transform implant surfaces from an artificial barrier in the patient´s body into a bone-identic implant-body interface, to avoid inflammatory reactions and re-operations. “We do this because conventional implant materials are not really made to support bone healing, especially not in the case of revisions and in patients with osteoporotic bone,” explains Dietmar Schaffarczyk, CEO of stimOS GmbH.

Implants that do not heal in the patient’s body often need to be replaced. Unfortunately such additional surgical interventions are not unusual and further burden the already weakened health of the patient. German Society for Implantology (DGI) reports about 140,000 dental implants that must be replaced per year as they do not heal properly. The AOK Health Insurance states that 40% of all spine surgeries end in a revision. According to the German Federal Bureau of Statistics (Statistisches Bundesamt), more than 16,000 artificial hips and 26,000 artificial knees per year must be re-operated and replaced because the implants do not anchor or heal in properly. This is where the technology developed by the Constance-based researchers’ team comes in: MBT will be essential to avoid revisions due to failed surgeries.

Cell-attractive and anti-inflammatory – MBT: Stealth Technology for Implants

The problem of implant loosening and inflammatory reactions due to inert implant materials has been known for a long time. This issue has not been addressed successfully so far. Previous attempts to find solutions, such as coatings, are problematic: The coating process often damages the implant material and there are further serious problems arising from abrasion and delamination.

With MBT, stimOS offers the surgeon and the patient a completely new solution. The company opens new, innovative paths by modifying the surface structure of implant materials biochemically by means of a covalently bound activation layer, rather than relying on coating technologies. stimOS’ MBT gives even inert materials biological properties close to nature and similar to those found naturally in the human body.

HTGF sees great potential in the Mimicking Bone Technology: “stimOS addresses a problem, which affects both patients and the health economy,” explains Dr. Caroline Fichtner, Senior Investment Manager at HTGF. “We are glad to be able to make this urgently needed material development available to physicians and patients,” says Dirk Buddensiek Managing Director at MBG.

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