GreenCentre Canada signs collaboration MOU with Sarnia’s Bioindustrial Innovation Centre and Sustainable Chemistry Alliance

19-Aug-2010 - Canada

Three major Canadian players in the Green chemistry commercialization business have joined forces in a drive to make Ontario and Canada a world leader in sustainable chemistry innovations.

GreenCentre Canada of Kingston and Sarnia’s Bioindustrial Innovation Centre (BIC) and Sustainable Chemistry Alliance (SCA) have signed a collaboration memorandum of understanding that leverages their respective expertise, facilities and services in a common goal of moving Green Chemistry discoveries to market.

GreenCentre Canada focuses on product and application development and intellectual property management. The Bioindustrial Innovation Centre and the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance focus on large-scale investment attraction, process development, and the design and commissioning of continuous pilot manufacturing and demonstration units.

Recognizing their mutual strengths, the three entities will promote one another’s services and resources to their respective networks; they will also provide commercialization services to selected technologies that each party believes will benefit from the other’s expertise or resources.

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