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Linitis plastica

Linitis plastica
Classification & external resources
Endoscopic image of linitis plastica, where the entire stomach is invaded with stomach cancer, leading to a leather bottle like appearance.
ICD-10 C16.9
ICD-9 151.9
ICD-O: 8142/3
MeSH D008039

Linitis plastica, also known as Brinton's disease, is seen in diffuse stomach cancer.

The other causes of linitis plastica could be lye ingestion or metastatic infiltration of the stomach.

This cancer is more common in Asian countries, particularly Japan.


Diffuse Stomach Cancer is characterized by the presence of poorly differentiated tumor cells. The appearance of the stomach is like a leather bottle in the case of Linitis Plastica.

Notable cases

Napoleon Bonaparte and many members of his family died from this type of cancer. [1]


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