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ICD-9 220, 226
ICD-O: 8440/0
MeSH D003537

Cystadenoma (or "cystoma") refers to a type of cystic adenoma.

When malignant, it is called cystadenocarcinoma.



When not otherwise specified, the ICD-O coding is 8440/0. However, the following classifications also exist:

By form

  • serous cystadenoma (8441-8442)
  • papillary cystadenoma (8450-8451, 8561)
  • mucinous cystadenoma (8470-8473)

By location

  • Bile duct cystadenoma (8161)
  • Endometrioid cystadenoma (8380)
  • Appendix mucinous cystadenoma

See also

  • Warthin's tumor

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