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AGA Guidelines for IBS testing

The American Gastroenterological Association has published a set of guidelines for tests which physicians should perform prior to diagnosing Irritable Bowel Syndrome.[1] These tests are meant to exclude other causes, such as infection and colon cancer.

United States American Gastroenterological Association guidelines Diagnostic Guidelines for Diagnosis of IBS

  1. History and physical examination
  2. Diagnostic testing
    1. CBC
    2. Chemistry panel
    3. Sedimentation rate
    4. Stool for O & P
    5. Stool for occult blood
    6. Flexible sigmoidoscopy
    7. IF > 50, colonoscopy or barium enema and sigmoidoscopy
    8. For diarrhea predominant:
      1. Small bowel radiograph
      2. Lactose/dextrose H2 breathing test
    9. For constipation predominant:
      1. Fiber trial
    10. For pain predominant:
      1. Plain film of abdomen


  1. ^ Yawn BP, Lydick E, Locke GR, Wollan PC, Bertram SL, Kurland MJ (2001). "Do published guidelines for evaluation of irritable bowel syndrome reflect practice?". BMC gastroenterology 1: 11. PMID 11701092.
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