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The English suffix -itis is typically used to denote an inflammation.

List of inflammations

Inflammation Body part
Appendicitis Appendix
Arteritis Arteries
Arthritis Joint
Blepharitis Eyelids
Bronchiolitis Bronchioles
Bronchitis Bronchi
Bursitis Bursa
Cervicitis Cervix
Cholangitis Bile duct
Cholecystitis Gallbladder
Chorioamnionitis Chorion and amnion (amniotic sac)
Colitis Colon
Conjunctivitis Conjunctiva
Cystitis Bladder
Dacryoadenitis Lacrimal gland
Dermatitis Skin
Dermatomyositis Skin and muscles
Encephalitis Brain
Endocarditis Endocardium
Endometritis Endometrium
Enteritis Small intestine
Enterocolitis Small intestine and large intestine
Epicondylitis Epicondyle
Epididymitis Epididymis
Fasciitis Fascia
Fibrositis Fibrous connective tissue
Gastritis Stomach
Gastroenteritis Stomach and small intestine
Gingivitis Gingiva
Glossitis Tongue
Hepatitis Liver
Hidradenitis suppurativa Apocrine sweat glands
Ileitis Ileum
Iritis Iris
Laryngitis Larynx
Mastitis Mammary gland
Meningitis Meninges
Myelitis Spinal cord
Myocarditis Myocardium
Myositis Muscle
Nephritis Kidney
Omphalitis Umbilical cord
Oophoritis Ovaries
Orchitis Testicle
Osteitis Bone
Otitis Ear
Pancreatitis Pancreas
Parotitis Parotid gland
Pericarditis Pericardium
Peritonitis Peritoneum
Pharyngitis Pharynx
Pleuritis Pleura
Phlebitis Veins
Pneumonitis Lungs (also pneumonia)
Proctitis Rectum
Prostatitis Prostate
Pyelonephritis Kidney
Rhinitis Nasal lining
Salpingitis Fallopian tubes
Sinusitis Sinus of the skull
Stomatitis Mouth
Synovitis Synovial membrane
Tendinitis Tendon
Tonsillitis Tonsils
Uveitis Uvea
Urethritis Urethra
Vaginitis Vaginal mucosa
Vasculitis Blood vessels or lymph vessels
Vulvitis Vulva
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