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Antibody Purification

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Tosoh Bioscience GmbH, Germany

Tosoh Bioscience is an acknowledged global leader in the field of liquid chromatography with a focus on bioseparations. For more than 25 years, Tosoh Bioscience is providing cutting-edge solutions for customers developing and producing biologics, biosimilars or biobetters. The product portfolio enco more

Synaptic Systems Gesellschaft für neurobiologische Forschung, Entwicklung und Produktion mbH, Germany

Starting business in 1997 with a handful of exclusively licensed antibodies against SNAREs and other vesicle associated proteins already well known in the scientific community, sales volume increased rapidly without much PR showing that their commercial availability was highly welcomed. Licensed and more

Agrisera AB, Sweden

Agrisera provides high quality antibodies for research on various aspects of plant & algal cell biology including miRNA, stress, photosynthesis and others including marker antibodies for plant cellular compartments. Our antibody collection contains also unique reagents animal cell biology research. more

Products Antibody Purification

Bring your Protein A purification to the next level

High Alkaline stability ✓ Optimized for high capacity and throughput ✓ High purification factor due to low nonspecific protein binding ✓ more

These pre-packed columns simplify the chromatographic process development for biomolecules

SkillPak 1 and 5 mL columns are designed for fast method development, resin screening, or sample concentration. more

Fibro chromatography

Cycle times are less than 5 minutes compared with hours for chromatography resins ✓ Increase throughput up to 20-fold over that for resin-based chromatography ✓ Achieve high-throughput purification of up to 500 mAbs per week for cell line/ candidate screening ✓ more

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News Antibody Purification

  • The ultimate decoy

    A team led by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) has discovered an unusual bacterial protein that attaches to virtually any antibody and prevents it from binding to its target. Protein M, as it is called, probably helps some bacteria evade the immune response and establish long-term more

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