Robust and versatile: The workhorse microplate reader for the life sciences

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Sensitive & fast – top absorption, fluorescence and luminescence results thanks to UV/vis spectrometer & filters


Flexible – top and bottom reading, temperature control, multi-mode shaking and gas control


Low-wear and robust – long useful life & ideal for aggregation and RT-QuIC assays needing intensive shaking

Your reliable partner in the lab – resilient, adaptable and precise

With its six detection modes, its ultrafast UV/vis spectrometer for absorption measurements and highly sensitive optical filters, the FLUOstar Omega is your reliable partner in the laboratory. Thanks to its modular design this microplate reader can adapt to your research requirements as well as your budget. Opt for the fully equipped instrument from the start or expand it at a later date with additional detection modes.

Thanks to top and bottom reading, integrated temperature control and multi-mode shaking, it lets you remain flexible. The integrated injectors and an atmospheric control unit (ACU) extension will also let you easily perform measurements on living cells and kinetic studies.

The extremely robust construction of the transportation system makes the microplate reader especially suitable for long-lasting and demanding assays. For assays requiring very intensive shaking, like aggregation and RT-QuIC assays, the FLUOstar Omega has established itself worldwide as the reference instrument.

Trust in BMG LABTECH’s more than 30 years of experience as a leading manufacturer of microplate readers.

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