Flexible all-rounder: The multi-mode microplate reader with best-in-class sensitivity

The Top 3 Advantages

It’s all on board: monochromator, filters and spectrometer for maximum flexibility and sensitivity


Simplified measurement setup: widest concentration and signal intensity range, auto-focus function


Optimized for long-term measurements with living cells: easy control of O2, CO2, de- and re-oxygenation

More time for your research – simple, automated and flexible handling

The modularly expandable CLARIOstar Plus covers all the main detection technologies and is suitable even for highly demanding laboratory routines.

The monochromator lets you adjust the wavelengths and bandwidths for fluorescence and luminescence measurements quickly and easily.

Additional filters and an ultrafast UV/vis spectrometer for absorption measurements give you flexibility and speed.

The "Enhanced Dynamic Range" (EDR) feature simplifies the measurement setup and saves time.

Simply start your measurement and the device will determine the ideal settings automatically. A single measurement covers the widest possible range of concentrations or signal intensities (8 orders of magnitude).

Perform long series of measurements with living cells feeling relaxed: thanks to the robust shaking and temperature control function, you can incubate your cells directly in the instrument. An atmospheric control unit (ACU) ensures the optimal composition of gases for each cell type. The ACU also allows de- and re-oxygenation and is thus suitable for in vitro models of diseases such as ischemia/reperfusion.

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