Metabolic's neuropathic pain drug ACV reveal greater potential in preclinical studies


Metabolic announced substantial progress made in the use of Metabolic's Oral Peptide Delivery Platform to convert its injectable drug for neuropathic pain, ACV1, into an oral drug so that it can be swallowed rather than injected. Metabolic has engineered an oral version of ACV1 which, in several animal tests, has had analgesic effects equal to those seen with the injected drug. The latest oral variant of ACV1 tested in animals results from optimisation of an earlier version, which showed good oral activity but was slightly less active than the injected form. A large batch of this new, fully active, oral version of ACV1 is now being manufactured for further animal testing, and new patent applications are being filed. The Company hopes to progress this oral version of ACV1 or a similar variant into a formal development programme in 2007.

The development programme for an oral version of ACV1 will run alongside the current Phase 2A clinical programme for the injected version of ACV1.

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