Cresset BioMolecular Discovery and Bayer CropScience announce a collaboration on molecular field technology


Cresset BioMolecular Discovery Ltd (Cresset BMD) and Bayer CropScience have announced that they have entered into a collaboration to exploit Cresset's molecular field technology for the discovery of new agrochemicals. This venture is the first major application of Cresset's molecular field technology in the agrochemical arena. Bayer CropScience will apply Cresset's FieldScreen(TM) software to identify novel early stage active compounds to progress through their development pipeline.

FieldScreen(TM) is based on Cresset's method of modelling compounds in terms of their molecular fields rather than their atom and bond representations which chemists are accustomed to using. If two structurally different compounds bind to the same region of a protein, their 'outer skins' or Fields must be similar despite their structural differences. Cresset has developed technology to create and visualise accurate fields around a molecule which can be used to model binding interactions.

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