Agilent Technologies Introduces Secure Web Portal for Designing Custom Microarrays for Genomic Research


Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced eArray 3.0, a secure Web portal for designing custom microarrays used in drug discovery, disease studies and basic research. This free, online tool empowers scientists to design their own microarrays with increased flexibility, speed and control.

DNA microarray technology enables scientists to assess patterns of gene expression or genomic alterations that underlie diseases and other biological processes. Some experiments can be conducted using ready-made, "off-the-shelf" microarrays, but many scientists require customized genomic content to meet their specific research needs. The eArray portal is the first free, online service that gives scientists full control of the design, layout and format of a microarray while providing easy access to Agilent's high-quality, up-to-date genomic content.

The eArray portal offers customers access to Agilent's genomic content, annotation information and probe sequences, and enables them to design custom microarrays using catalog probes, probes from their own sources or a combination of both. Once the full complement of probes has been selected, customers can compose the microarray using various layouts (1 x 44K, 1 x 22K, or 2 x 11K probes per slide).

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