11-Jan-2005 - Pall Corporation

Pall Expands Line of Proteomics Technologies for Full Range of Drug Discovery and Development Solutions

Opens Proteomics Service Centers to Optimize Research and Manufacturing Efficiency

Pall Corporation launches a comprehensive line of chromatography sorbents at PepTalk 2005. These advanced industry-proven sorbents from Pall greatly simplify protein separation and purification for biotechnology drug discovery, development and production. The integration of this broad range of chromatography media with Pall 's extensive portfolio of membranes, protein purification technologies and services establishes Pall Life Sciences as a single-source provider of the full spectrum of scaleable filtration and separation products for total process solutions in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Pall also announces the opening of its first two Process Proteomics Service Centers, where researchers and manufacturers can access technology to rapidly develop multi-step chromatographic purification schemes using even small quantities of protein samples. Pall Process Proteomics services can help reduce protein purification cycle time from several months to a matter of days, significantly accelerating the time-to-market of new drug therapies.

Pall recently acquired the BioSepra Process Division and its line of sorbents, including Ion Exchange, Size Exclusion, Affinity, Hydroxyapatite, Hydrophobic Charge Induction and sorbents for fluidized bed adsorption. Two of these novel sorbents, MEP HyperCel® and MBI HyperCel, are scaleable alternatives to Protein A-based sorbents for antibody production and can reduce processing costs by up to one third. MEP and/or MBI HyperCel are currently being used as part of the production process for ten human therapeutics in various stages of clinical trial.

Pall has established two Process Proteomics Service Centers, one in Europe in Cergy, France and one in the U.S. in Woburn, Massachusetts. These are the first of several Centers the Company plans to open in strategic biotechnology locations globally. Employing Ciphergen's Protein Chip® technology, these Centers provide the biotechnology industry with a powerful analytical tool that enables protein purification optimization and analysis to be performed in a single step. These Service Centers can rapidly perform multiple analytical and purification development protocols in parallel from small volumes of protein samples. Samples can be evaluated directly from crude feedstock with little or no pre-treatment. Proteins expressed in numerous cell systems under multiple conditions can be compared and optimized much faster than with traditional SDS-PAGE or Western blot methods.

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