Proteo Biotech AG Signs an Exclusive License- and Collaboration-Agreement with Artes Biotechnology GmbH

Leading Technology for the Recombinant Production of Elafin Worldwide Secured


Proteo Biotech is producing its Elafin with the patent protected yeast strain Hansenula polymorpha on a recombinant basis for a world market. PROTEO has signed an exclusive License- and collaboration agreement with ARTES Biotechnology GmbH.

,,This agreement will enable us to produce Elafin, in a large scale, very economically by using the in-licensed yeast Hansenula Polymorpha as an high performance expression system. The License- and Collaboration Agreement is an important milestone on our way to world markets and a sustainable development of the company", so Walter J. Thomsen, CEO of Proteo.

,,The commercial use of the Hansenula Technology by Proteo is an additional confirmation for the safety and efficiency of our expression system", so Dr. Michael Piontek, CEO of ARTES Biotechnology. Proteo's Elafin is of human origin and is one of the most potent inhibitors of human elastase and proteinase 3, and therefore a compound with high biological activity and with less unforeseeable side effects and insignificant allergenic potential compared to most synthetic alternatives.

The results of pre-clinical trials, shows great promise in the treatment of tissue and muscle damage. Elafin reduces damage to heart muscles caused by blood supply deficiencies. This indicates its applicability in the treatment of cardiac infarction. According to the results of pre-clinical trials performed, Elafin reduced extremity damage caused by blood supply deficiencies. This indicates its suitability as a special drug to prevent amputations after serious injuries. Elafin had a similar effect on transplanted hearts, indicating its suitability as a drug to prevent rejections following a transplantation. Further application are being tested.

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