Study sheds light on treating cancer

Using light to target and kill cancer cells alternatively without surgery

21-Sep-2016 - Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

A new study, affiliated with UNIST has presented a natural, alternative, and holistic cancer treatment that uses light to selectively wipe out cancerous cells without harming surrounding tissue. With further research, this novel method might eventually be used to treat tumors in humans.

This study was jointly conducted by Prof. Tae-Hyuk Kwon (School Natural Science), Prof. Mi Hee Lim (School of Natural Science), and Prof. Hyun-Woo Rhee (School of Natural Science), and eight other researchers at UNIST.

In the study, the team developed photodynamic therapy (PDT) agent composed of Ir(III) complexes for cancer cells via a molecular design strategy for efficient ROS generation that accounted for appropriate energy levels and high emission quantum yields.

The team expects that their Ir(III) complexes could be used for additive-free photo-cross-linking in other fields beyound PDT.

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