09-Jan-2013 - ethris GmbH

Ethris announces research based alliance on SNIM modified RNA with Shire

Ethris GmbH and Shire announce the initiation of a research based alliance focused on the development and commercialization of novel RNA-based therapeutics.

Many devastating human diseases are the result of an inability of the body’s cells to make specific proteins that have an essential function for the whole body. The replacement of proteins with normally functioning ones provides a potential approach to treat multiple devastating diseases. Ribonucleic acids (RNAs) that encode for such proteins have been the focus of much biopharmaceutical research and development, however, RNA’s inherent instability and immunogenicity has proven to be a significant hurdle in the past.

Ethris and its co-founders – Dr. Carsten Rudolph and Prof. Christian Plank, have developed a novel RNA modification technology that creates Stable and Non-Immunogenic Messenger RNA (SNIM®-RNA) molecules that are suited for use in protein replacement therapies to treat monogenic genetic diseases.

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