15-Dec-2011 - Evolva SA

Evolva obtains patent coverage in Russia on EV-077 for use in complications of diabetes

Evolva Holding SA announced that the Russian Patent Office has granted patent protection for EV-077 in the treatment of complications of diabetes for a term extending to 2026. This is the first patent granted covering EV-077. EV-077 patent applications are currently pending in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mexico and the USA. Evolva has filed related applications with the aim to extend the protection for its EV-077 portfolio to 2031 and beyond.

EV-077 prevents isoprostanes and prostanoids, levels of which are elevated in diabetics, from causing inflammatory damage to the vasculature. EV-077 is an oral small molecule  that belongs to a new structural class. The mechanism of action of EV-077 means that it can potentially ameliorate or prevent a range of diabetic complications (including loss of kidney function and increased risk of thrombosis). Evolva has recently received clearance to move EV-077 into Phase IIa in this indication. First data are expected by mid-2012.

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