01-Nov-2010 - CANDOR Bioscience GmbH

CANDOR: Production capacity expanded by a factor of 10

CANDOR Bioscience has enlarged its production capacity after relocation to a larger facility in Wangen im Allgäu.

“The constantly rising demands, especially for our stabilizer solutions for ELISA kit manufacturing, called for a significant enlargement of our production capacities. Kit manufacturers worldwide expand the shelf life of their kits by using our stabilizers. As a result, we had to strengthen our production team. As a first step we have enlarged our capacity by a factor of ten. This scale-up is being complemented with a scheduled program to ensure the quality of all of our solutions in larger batch volumes. Customers of CANDOR are used to getting our premium stabilizers, including Liquid Plate Sealer and HRP-Protector, with very low lot-to-lot variations and are committed to successfully maintaining our highest and acknowledged German quality standards. This outstanding quality and the expanded shelf-life for ELISA kits make our solutions quite unique to the market. Additionally the capacity for our core product for better sensitivity and analytical reliability, LowCross-Buffer, was significantly enlarged.” states the managing director Dr. Tobias Polifke. “CANDOR is well prepared for the rising demands of the worldwide diagnostics-manufacturing business. Our new facility is optimized for flexible production as well as for good ergonomics for our staff during production.”

The current batch sizes for CANDOR products as well as for customized solutions and buffers are in the range starting from 1 Liter to 1150 Liters per batch.

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