Domain Therapeutics is granted European and US patent for biosensors assessing GPCR trafficking

05-Feb-2020 - France

Domain Therapeutics announced that it has been granted a patent in the US and in Europe covering a novel family of biosensors.
The patent, entitled ‘Biosensors for monitoring biomolecule localization and trafficking in cells’, was initially filed by Prof. Michel Bouvier and his team and is part of the technology licensed to Domain Therapeutics by the Universities of Montreal and McGill, Canada.
The trafficking biosensors covered by the patent are used by Domain Therapeutics to monitor the intracellular trafficking and recycling of GPCRs. They belong to a new generation of sensors and complete the panel of 63 unique biosensors constituting the bioSens-All™ technology. These biosensors are designed to profile G Proteins, including G12 and G13, Beta-arrestins, second messengers and receptor trafficking.
“This granted patent illustrates our strategy to stay at the forefront of innovation in technologies for challenging GPCRs. It will help the company address unmet medical needs with drugs acting through brand new mechanisms of action,” said Pascal Neuville, CEO, Domain Therapeutics. “In collaboration with Prof. Michel Bouvier, we have already taken advantage of this unique technology to launch a chaperone program targeting a mutated GPCR with impaired trafficking.”

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