GENEART Supports the UK HIV Vaccine Consortium (UK HVC) in Developing a DNA Vaccine Candidate against HIV

19-Jun-2009 - Germany

GENEART AG announced being awarded a contract for the design and production of two DNA vaccine candidates against HIV by the UK HVC. The genes, optimized and customized by GENEART, are to be used as basis for clinical studies.

Two gene constructs, developed by GENEART in cooperation with the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the University of Regensburg, are currently being evaluated at Clinical Phase I/II under the umbrella of the European research syndicate EuroVacc, since Phase I results were promising. The genes ordered by the UK HVC are based on a different HIV isolate but rest on the same concept as the gene constructs already used in clinical studies. Blueprints of selected proteins of the HIV virus are modified using GENEART's proprietary GeneOptimizer® Software such that they can be produced with maximal yield and therefore most efficiently, triggering an optimal immune response but at the same time losing their toxic capacity, thus contributing to an increased safety profile. GENEART will not only provide the respective genes, but will in addition - as an extension of the value chain - analyze and ensure the producibility of the resulting proteins in cell cultures (Expression Proof).

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