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Pes cavus

Pes cavus
Classification & external resources
ICD-10 Q66.7
ICD-9 754.71
DiseasesDB 24563
MedlinePlus 001261
eMedicine orthoped/539 

Pes cavus is a medical term for a cavus deformity of the foot due to a fixed plantar flexion of the foot. There is a high arched foot - it is the opposite of flat feet.

It is much less common than flat feet and the cause may be neurological, orthopedic or neuromuscular.

Unlike most cases of flat feet, pes cavus can be painful because of metatarsal compression.

People with pes cavus have trouble finding shoes that fit and may require support in their shoes.


Surgical treatment is only indicated if there is severe pain as the operations available may be difficult.

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