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ICD-10 Q71.6
ICD-9 755.4
OMIM 225300
DiseasesDB 32141

Ectrodactyly, commonly known as lobster claw syndrome [1], sometimes known as Karsch-Neugebauer syndrome, is a rare congenital deformity of the hand where the middle digit is missing, and the hand is cleft where the metacarpal of the finger should be. This split gives the hands the appearance of lobster claws.

Ectrodactyly may also be known as "lobster claw hand", "split hand deformity", "split hand/foot malformation (SHFM)", "cleft hand", "ectrodactilia of the hand" or "Karsch-Neugebauer syndrome", after J. Karsch[2] and H. Neugebauer .[3]

Famous people with ectrodactyly

  • Vadoma
  • Bree Walker[4] - News anchor for 20 years KCBS news in Los Angeles; actress on HBO drama Carnivàle. She also appears in the fourth season premiere of FX's Nip/Tuck playing a real estate agent counseling parents expecting a child with ectrodactyly. Also appeared, along with her 2 children who also suffer from Ectrodactyly, on an episode of "My Unique Family" on The Learning Channel.
  • Grady "Lobster Boy" Stiles


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