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Nipple discharge

Nipple discharge
Classification & external resources
ICD-10 N64.5
ICD-9 611.79

Nipple discharge is the abnormal release of fluid from the nipples of the breasts. It is the third major reason, involving the breasts, for which women seek medical attention, after lumps and breast pain. The risk of nipple discharge increases with both age and number of pregnancies, but is also known to occur in adolescent boys and girls going through puberty. Discharge often is the result of stimulation of the breasts or by irritation through clothing.

Types of discharge

There are many different types of discharges. Some associations include:

  • cloudy white color -- most common, can be galactorrhea
  • clear or light white -- pregnancy
  • red -- contains blood -- most often due to breast infection or intraductal papillomas, but can be breast cancer
  • whitish-yellow or yellow or even green -- pus due to infection

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