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Rigontec GmbH, Germany

Rigontec is a leader in the field of RIG-I-activating RNA therapeutics. Using our proprietary RIG-I agonist platform, we are taking advantage of one of the most important pathways of the innate immune system to develop a novel approach to cancer immunotherapy. Rigontec's proprietary agonists specifi more

Confo Therapeutics, Belgium

Confo Therapeutics is a drug discovery company building a unique pipeline of GPCR targeted therapeutics addressing unmet medical need. The company was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and VIB and capitalizes on the ConfoBody™ technology developed by Prof. Jan Steyae more

Inflamalps SA, Switzerland

Inflamalps is a biopharmaceutical company established in Valais, Switzerland Our mission is ‘’to discover and develop novel medicines to treat inflammation with a focus on chronic inflammatory diseases of the eye and of the skin” Our team comprises experienced pharmaceutical industry and biotechnolo more

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  • Merck Licenses Foundational CRISPR Integration Technology to Promega

    Merck announced that it has signed a license agreement providing Promega Corp., a global life science manufacturer based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA access to Merck’s foundational CRISPR intellectual property. Promega will use Merck’s CRISPR genome-editing technology to create research products and s more

  • Turning 'junk' DNA into gold

    Mining the rich uncharted territory of the genome or genetic material of a cancer cell has yielded gold for Princess Margaret scientists: new protein targets for drug development against prostate cancer. Using state-of-the-art, whole-genome sequencing technologies on prostate tumour samples, Princes more

  • Merck Licenses CRISPR Gene-Editing Technology to Evotec

    Merck announced that it has signed a license agreement providing Evotec SE access to Merck’s foundational CRISPR intellectual property. Evotec, an international biotechnology company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, will use Merck’s CRISPR genome-editing technology to create edited cell lines for more

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The motivation for starting more

InveniAI Corporation

InveniAI is pioneering Artificial Intelligence and Big Data driven analytics applications more

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Drug development

Drug development Drug development or preclinical development is defined in many pharmaceutical companies as the process of taking a new chemical lead through the stages necessary to allow it to be tested in human clinical trial s, although a broa ... more


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