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SABEU GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

We are a leading system provider of microporous filter membranes and injection molded components. Founded in 1958 by the Sander-Beuermann family, we have two plants in Germany today and are part of the family owned Altenloh, Brinck & Co. Group with above 1,600 employees around the world and combined more

GenScript Corp., USA

GenScript Corporation is a reliable outsourcing partner providing a wide array of services to augment all stages of the drug discovery and biological reagent manufacturing processes, including high-quality gene synthesis and cloning, custom protein expression and purification, custom peptide synthes more

Confo Therapeutics, Belgium

Confo Therapeutics is a drug discovery company building a unique pipeline of GPCR targeted therapeutics addressing unmet medical need. The company was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and VIB and capitalizes on the ConfoBody™ technology developed by Prof. Jan Steyae more

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What if regulatory compliance in Pharma QC came in a pill?

We comply with numerous global standards, such as ISO, ACS, USP, PhEur and FDA CFR’s ✓ We offer certified analytical and microbial testing products ✓ We provide regulatory guidance throughout the entire workflow more

An easy solution for automated protein purification in laboratory scale

The MEA 2 system is an easy to use and trustworthy solution for laboratory scale protein purification - rRegardless if you are working with expression screening, lead characterization or library screening. more

ideal for characterizing dispersed macromolecules and nanoparticles

Matrix-free - Minimal buffer restrictions ✓ Extremely high resolution and detection at low concentrations ✓ New multi-wavelength absorbance optics more

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  • Milestone in Osteoarthritis Research

    Researchers found new genetic risk factors for osteoarthritis and identified novel drug targets. Their finding is a milestone towards the development of the first ever curative treatment for osteoarthritis. The study involved an international consortium led by Helmholtz Zentrum München. Osteoarthrit more

  • How much does it really cost to develop a new drug?

    Along with direct investments, the high risk of failure and the considerable time to market all determine the costs of drug development. Yet how much does it really cost to develop a new drug? Published estimates arrive at very different results. Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center inv more

  • Start-up raises hope in the fight against acute and chronic liver diseases

    The Tübingen-based start-up HepaRegeniX recently began a Phase I clinical trial to test the tolerability of a novel drug against liver disease in healthy volunteers. The drug is a so-called MKK4 inhibitor, which, when administered, curbs the activity of the kinase MKK4. Preclinical studies have show more

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The motivation for starting more

InveniAI Corporation

InveniAI is pioneering Artificial Intelligence and Big Data driven analytics applications more

An easy solution for automated protein purification in laboratory scale

Highly pure protein samples are essential for reliable and reproducible results in the development of biopharmaceuticals, enzyme engineering and biomarker discovery. The MEA 2 system is an easy to use and trustworthy solution for laboratory scale protein purification. Regardless if you are working w more

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Drug development

Drug development Drug development or preclinical development is defined in many pharmaceutical companies as the process of taking a new chemical lead through the stages necessary to allow it to be tested in human clinical trial s, although a broa ... more


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