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BIOTREND Chemikalien GmbH, Germany

BIOTREND was instigated in order to meet the growing demand from customers for an independent and technologically orientated distribution facility offering high quality, yet cost-effective products for biochemical, immunochemical and pharmaceutical research. Through our innovative strength we are n more

Biomol GmbH, Germany

Biomol GmbH offers antibodies, enzymes, bioactive lipids, microarrays and reagents for biomedical research. Our focus is on cellular regulation and signal transduction. Together with our partners, we also provide a variety of specialized kits for drug discovery. more

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  • Deadly combination: new direct trigger for cell death discovered

    Scientists led by Professor Ana J. Garcia-Saez at the CECAD Cluster of Excellence for Aging Research at the University of Cologne have shown that apoptosis, the programmed cell death, involves a direct physical interplay between the two proteins BAX and DRP1. DRP1 can serve as a direct cell death ac more

  • Old protein – new function: tBID can directly trigger cell death

    The protein tBID can trigger programmed cell death (apoptosis) by inducing damage in the energy suppliers of the cells, the mitochondria. Apoptosis is essential for maintaining tissue balance. In addition, apoptosis plays a critical role as a defence mechanism and in the elimination of damaged or re more

  • Bungled cell division drives cancer cells of childhood tumors to death

    A drug combination already being tested in other cancers caused the cancer cells to accumulate errors in their genetic material in mice, causing the bone and soft tissue tumors to shrink in the laboratory. The scientists from the Hopp Children's Cancer Center Heidelberg (KiTZ), Heidelberg University more

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Deuterating fatty acids to treat diseases

Maksim Fomich is currently looking into creating deuterated polyunsaturated fatty acid compounds, with a view to using them to potentially treat a range of diseases. Here, he shows the premise behind his research. A description of his research can be read via the link on the right side. more

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Apoptosis Apoptosis (pronounced ă-pŏp-tŏ’sĭs, apo tō' sis) is a form of programmed cell death in multicellular organisms. It is one of the main types of programmed cell death (PCD) and involves a series of biochemical events leading to a char ... more


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