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Serum Albumin

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  • Hitchhiking to Kill

    How can elimination of therapeutics from the bloodstream or their early enzymatic degradation be avoided in systemic delivery? Chinese scientists have new developed a method to bind an established cancer therapeutic, floxuridine, with natural serum albumin for its transport and delivery to target ca more

  • A new ligand extends the half-life of peptide drugs from minutes to days

    Peptides are biological molecules, made up of short sequences of amino acids. Because they are easy to synthesize, show low toxicity and high efficiency, peptides such as insulin and other hormones can be used as drugs. But peptides are quickly cleared by the kidneys, which means that we can only us more

  • Sweet news for soda and coffee drinkers

    Good news for consumers with a sweet tooth. Cornell food scientists have reduced the sweetener stevia's bitter aftertaste by physical - rather than chemical - means. Cornell professor of food process engineering, Syed Rizvi, co-authored the research with Samriddh Mudgal, the lead author and former g more

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Serum albumin

Serum albumin Serum albumin , often referred to simply as albumin, is the most abundant plasma protein in humans and other mammal s. Albumin is essential for maintaining the osmotic pressure needed for proper distribution of body fluid s betwee ... more


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