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New: Ultra-Sensitive PCR Reagents for Molecular Microbiology

Guaranteed DNA-Free Taq Polymerase and Mastermixes

Molzym offers a range of ultra-clean PCR products for 16S PCR. All kits are free of contaminating DNA enabling ultra-sensitive and reliable PCR-results...


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Culture-Independent Diagnosis of Bacterial and Fungal DNA in Blood, Other Body Fluids and Tissues

SepsiTest-UMD CE IVD: Microbial DNA Extraction, Sensitive 16S/18S PCR and Sequencing Analysis

Culture-independent, CE IVD-marked diagnosis of pathogens of 200 bacterial and 65 fungal genera in tissue biopsies, blood and other body fluids...


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Direct PCR-based identification of bacteraemia and fungaemia in antibiotic-treated patients

Highly sensitive 16S/18S-based direct test for routine identification of bacteria and fungi

Using CE IVD SepsiTest™ highly enriched microbial DNA is provided to universal PCR analysis. This results in ultra-sensitive pathogen identification...


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Identify All Kinds of Microorganisms

Comprehensive phenotypic characterization for a safe identification of the species

The Biolog ID system is the only platform that enables you to identify not only bacteria and yeast, but also filamentous fungi...


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Rapid Microbiology – Quick and Easy

Test your products and raw materials for microbial limits and pathogens

Biolumix means faster results and less workload. Easy handling and automated evaluation facilitate your daily routine analysis...


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