Integrated Genomics & Analytical Services from Azenta Life Sciences

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Local Ph.D.-level project support, multilingual and around-the-clock at local working hours


Global operations and logistics teams ensure shortest transport routes and fastest turnaround time


Barcodes and automated sample processing workflows for highest-quality accurate results

Discovery can be challenging work. Until you find the right genomics partner.

From securing difficult-to-source samples, Sanger and next generation sequencing, DNA synthesis solutions to clinical services, we’re with you every step of the way. Azenta Life Sciences provides unique and integrated genomics and analytical services that streamline your journey to discover tomorrow’s solutions faster:

- End-to-end services for extraction, library preparation, sequencing, and bioinformatics. DNA sequencing for various sample types, direct bacterial colony, for all project sizes from single tube to plates, also as CLIA/GLP-compliant services. Unique NGS technologies to analyze DNA, RNA, and proteins

- Robust capabilities for synthesizing complex and difficult sequences and cloning of codon-optimized genes into custom vectors for optimal protein expression to support antibody discovery, protein and antibody engineering, CRISPR gene editing, and other

- Unique adeno-associated viruses services including novel QC testing via NGS, plasmid synthesis, mini- to giga-scale AAV plasmid production, sequence verification by our proprietary AAV-ITR Sanger sequencing method

Trade-fair appearance
  • analytica ( Hall B1, Booth 334B)

  • gene synthesis

  • next generation sequencing

  • RNA sequencing

  • CRISPR solutions

  • antibody DNA synthesis

  • codon optimization

  • direct colony Sanger sequencing

  • gRNA construct libraries

  • immuno profiling

  • lentivirus synthesis and packaging

  • oligonucleotide synthesis

  • recombinant anbibody expression

  • sample sourcing

  • trimer controlled synthetic DNA libraries

  • vaccine development

  • analytical services

  • antibody discovery

  • cell and gene therapy

  • contract research services

  • small molecule drug discovery

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