Total HAMA and interference blocker

The Top 3 Advantages



Usable for all kinds of interference


Particularly suitable for high affinity HAMA interference

Sample diluent for trouble-free immunoassays

Assay Defender is a ready-to use assay diluent for reduction of interference caused by HAMA (human anti-mouse antibodies), rheumatoid factors, nonspecific binding, cross-reactivities and matrix effects and therefore helps to prevent false positive or false negative results. Assay Defender is particularly suitable for human or animal specimens containing HAMA (human anti-mouse antibodies), AAA (anti-animal antibodies) or other high affinity antibodies. Assay Defender can be used as sample dilution buffer for different applications such as ELISA, lateral flow assays, bead-based assays or Luminex assays. Assay Defender is ready-to-use and usable for research applications as well as for production of research kits or diagnostic ELISA kits.

  • HAMA blockers

  • assay diluent

  • sample buffer

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