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Save time between sample transfers to improve pipetting productivity

The Top 3 Advantages

automated, electronic adjustment of tip spacing


quick sample transfers between different labware formats and sizes


prevents repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and pipetting errors

VOYAGER Adjustable Tip Spacing Pipette

INTEGRA’s VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes are the first and only multichannel pipettes offering automated, electronic adjustment of tip spacing, to provide quick sample transfers between different labware formats and sizes. Available with 4, 6, 8, or 12 channels, the VOYAGER allows multiple samples to be transferred simultaneously between tubes, plates and 96 or 384 well formats in the blink of an eye.

 Improving productivity

As a versatile multichannel pipette, the VOYAGER promises to offer high throughput and pipetting productivity up to 12 times faster than a single channel pipette. The desired tip positioning – between 4.5 mm to 33 mm – can be predetermined by the user, and saved for future use, from a range of 10 preset formats and 40 customizable options. The motorized tip spacing is then available at the push of a button, allowing parallel sample transfers to be performed one-handed with ease. An intuitive touch wheel interface and ergonomically designed handle remove the risk of repetitive strain injuries and potential formatting errors, to give you consistently reliable results. This pipette is designed to revolutionize sample reformatting and increase the reproducibility of pipetting tasks by dispensing multiple channels at the same time and rate, every time.

The VOYAGER uses INTEGRA’s GripTip pipette tip system, offering the perfect seal to the pipette head for tips that never loosen or leak. INTEGRA is confident that investing in the VOYAGER will save labs time and money – both of which can be quantified using its online ROI calculator.

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