This MALS detector for (U)HPLC and SEC loves details – analyze macromolecules from 2 to 50 nm

The Top 3 Advantages

Highly sensitive – Green laser for 2.7 times greater sensitivity


Precise - Unique optics for precise measurements and ideal signal-to-noise ratio


Suitable for UHPLC – Directly Connectable to your UHPLC

Green light in multi-angle light scattering for highly sensitive measurement of molecular weight and size

You want to determine the properties of polymers in more detail or investigate proteins and protein aggregates in their native conformations?

The LenS3 Multi-Angle Light Scattering (MALS) detector is the first in history to allow the direct measurement of macromolecules with a molecular radius of less than 10 nm (down to 2 nm Rg / 200 Da). This MALS detector, which combines the advantages of low-angle (LALS), high-angle (HALS) and right-angle scattering of light (RALS), exerts its full range of capabilities in polymer analytics and protein analytics. A high signal intensity is achieved by using a green laser and a a flow cell with an extended light path. At the same time, the flow cell's construction of PEEK eliminates noise from stray light and thus ensures clear peaks even with small polymers or low-concentration solutions. The patented optics have made a new calculation methodology possible so you can start analyzing your macromolecules directly without time-consuming determination of the concentration.

The direct measurement of molecular weight and molecular radius has thus become incredibly easy for synthetic polymers, polysaccharides, proteins and other biopolymers.

At Tosoh Bioscience you can get all you need from a single source – from (U)HPLC columns to SEC systems and detectors.

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