06-Apr-2009 - Novacta Biosystems Limited

Cambridge Major To Partner with Novacta Biosystems

Cambridge Major Laboratories and Novacta Biosystems have announced a collaboration combining respective expertise in process development, custom synthesis and biocatalysis. Novacta will develop biocatalytic approaches to target chiral intermediates which CML will then scale-up in facilities in Weert, the Netherlands.

“This collaboration illustrates the CML philosophy very well. CML is a strongly service-oriented business: adding more cutting-edge technology to our range of capabilities will broaden the solutions we are able to offer to our clients.” said Roger McDonald, European Business Development Director at Cambridge Major Laboratories. “Novacta Biosystems are recognized experts in their field, with a strong practical focus. CML is well-known for our pragmatic approach and problem-solving skills. Together we will be able to bring to bear a formidable range of chemistry tools. It is an exciting opportunity for CML and for our clients.”

“In CML we believe we have found the optimal partner to support commercial scale development of our world-class skills in biocatalysis. We feel there are many opportunities to develop more selective, cost-effective and greener solutions to API manufacture” commented Dr Georg Buchner, VP Corporate Development at Novacta. “We are both highly innovative companies, and working together we will be able to offer clients highly attractive and novel solutions to making key chiral molecules.”

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